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The first Executive MBA in Greece

executive mba

The Postgraduate Business Administration Program for Executives is addressed to graduates who are already working and intend to develop their scientific background, their professional, administrative and leadership abilities. The program leads to the acquisition of an MBA Postgraduate Diploma, recognized by the Ministry of Education, and the total number of credits in the program is 120.

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Executive ΜΒΑ students compete in the global Business Strategy Game…

As an integral part of the Strategy course taught by Professor Vassilis Papadakis, AUEB Executive MBA students are offered the chance to test the knowledge, skills and expertise acquired in...

Executive ΜΒΑ students compete in the global Business Strategy Game…

As part of the Strategy course taught by Professor Vassilis Papadakis, AUEB Executive MBA students are offered the chance to test the knowledge and skills acquired in various courses, by...

Online “Vassilopita cut” for the Executive MBA of Athens University…

New Year’s traditional “Vasilopita cut”, for the Executive MBA of Athens University of Economics and Business took place via zoom on 18.02.2021! The total number of participants was overwhelming as more...

Reacreditation of Executive MBA by the Association of MBAs (ΑΜΒΑ)…

The Executive MBA of the Athens University of Economics & Business was re-accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the international independent authority for MBA, DBA and Master’s in Management...

Executive MBA welcomes "Clio Muse"

On Tuesday January 19, 2021 in the context of the course "Electronic Commerce", the lecturer, Ms. Katerina Pramatari, and the students of the Executive MBA welcomed Mr. Giannis Nikolopoulos, co-founder...

Dimitris Bourantas: Leadership lessons learned from the management of the…

By Dimitris Bourantas Our country, despite going through a ten-year economic crisis, the significant problems of immigration, the enormous multiplicity and bureaucracy, became a global example to be imitated. Indeed, the...

Executive MBA welcomes the students of the 23rd series of…

On Friday, September 11, 2020, the Executive MBA of AUEB organized a welcome event for the new students that took place in the new building of AUEB always taking the...

George Doukidis: 40% of graduates are unemployed

Greece has the largest percentage of unemployed graduates, according to the professor of the Athens University of Economics (AUEB) and a member of the Board of the Athens Exchange, George...

Open day: Friday, 15/05/2020 @ 18:00

Program presentation from the Director and Professor of Strategy, Vassili Papadaki Open discussion with the candidates about the course requirements and expectations Directions on the applications procedure Q&A with professors and alumni  

Stress Management in the Executive MBA program of AUEB

There is no doubt that the Coronavirus pandemic in addition to other concurrent issues has rendered the period we are going through one of the most stressful periods in recent...

Family Business event

Why do only one in ten family businesses reach the third generation? The Executive MBA of AUEB organized an event in which keynote speakers UCLAN professor and Fellow at Cambridge...

Important distinction for the Executive MBA from Eduniversal

According to the valid Eduniversal ranking list announced on July 16, 2019, the Executive MBA of the Athens University of Economics and Business was ranked again in the 30th Position...

Association of MBAs

The Executive MBA program of AUEB was accredited for the first time in its history by the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the international impartial authority on postgraduate business education. Following a...

Employment and International Mobility: Wednesday, March 27 2019

Athens University of Business and Economics and The E.U. Jean Monnet Initiative jointly organize the Workshop “Employment and International Mobility”, on Wednesday, 27th of March 2019. There will be speeches...


Starting from the current academic year, Executive MBA leadership board has decided to reactivate the initiative “Back to University” for its graduates. The initiative gives the opportunity to any graduate of...

Vasilopita cut by the Executive MBA Graduates

Vasilopita is a Greek tradition, where on the first day of the New Year, people cut the bread hoping to find the coin that is said to bring them blessings...


  1. Maria Leivaditi
  2. Pataki Eleni
  3. Leonidas Vrettakos
  4. Ioannidis Konstantinos
  5. Manolis Drainakis
  6. Daniel Benardout
  7. Thanasis Petmezas
  8. Ioanna Tsiaousi
  9. Minou Marios
  10. Grigoris Dimakis
  11. Stylianopoulos Christos
  12. Tsinidis Christos
  13. Tsiouflias Vasilis
  14. Mitropoulos Sarandis
  15. Kyriakos Mahos
My Executive MBA at the Athens University of Economics and Buniness was transformational. I had the fortune of learning from high-calibre professors, who gave me the foundations and confidence to make a difference in the world. The varied program improved my leadership and management skills greatly. What’s more, the ability to exchange ideas and experiences with fellow students from a wide range of industries expanded my horizons enormously. It was truly a life-changing experience!
Maria Leivaditi
Digital & e-Key Account Manager Sarantis Group (Graduate 2021)
I applied to the Executive MBA program because I was intrigued by its motto at the time “Leadership, non only MBA” and because of the reputable credibility of its founder, D. Bourantas, especially when it comes to leadership. I believe that it was one of the best decisions I have made; the program is up-to-date, full, offers flexibility in choosing your specialization and impressively an holistic approach to entrepreneurship. I have been working for 20 years in various manager jobs, and I felt that the program on one hand confirmed my on-the-job learning experiences, and on the other improved my personal effectiveness through knowledge and skills critical for anyone in leadership positions. I found the training methods and the staff very enriching, constructive, and ultimately, remarkable
Pataki Eleni
Publisher and member of the Board of Directors of Pataki Publishing House, (Graduate 2014)
One of the reasons I feel content selecting the Executive MBA is that all lectures, classroom discussions and analyses were drawn from real-life case studies and examples. Moreover, during our studies we had numerous chances to work together with people from different experiences and backgrounds, which really widened my perspective. In that way, the program has helped me in my professional and personal development, for the interaction with colleagues from various sectors and educational backgrounds enriched my knowledge and broadened my thinking, even after all these years that I was honored to serve as a Chief Operating Officer in one of the largest companies in Greece. The structure of the courses and the educational methods were good, with room for improvement. The teaching staff was consisted of people with high expertise and as follows high demands
Leonidas Vrettakos
Chief Operating Officer, AB Vasilopoulos SA, (Graduate 2006)
The Executive MBA program left me with the best impressions. The teaching level was high and I gained many tools and MBA-level skills. Because of the program, I am now able to have an integrated view of what a successful organization is and explore the best practices in the field of Business Administration
Ioannidis Konstantinos
HR Services Head, Eurobank Ergasias S.A., (Graduate 2012)
Graduating from the Executive MBA program has been a special experience for me. I have obtained a great number of skills that I still use in my professional life. Professor D. Bourantas and his associates have carefully designed and implement one of the most comprehensive MBA programs that combines the theoretical and scientific approach of business with the everyday issues that we all face in our workplaces nowadays. For me, this renders the program particularly useful and to all participants. Personally, apart from starting to think strategically, it made me realize that Human Factor should be ranked high on my priorities list, as is a key for business success and competitive advantage. In addition, I came to really grasp the significance of leadership is sustaining business success. Overall, I believe that the program has deeply affected the way I perform at work and determined my effectiveness in the various management positions in which I have been assigned since my graduation
Manolis Drainakis
Chief Executive in Xrysos Odigos, (Graduate 2000)
 The past two years were exceptional. The numerous courses of the program managed to meet the professional needs and interests of all participants, regardless of the years of working experience. The teaching staff, besides the rich academic background, had also considerable working experience, which really added up to the credibility and quality of the program and also to the students’ understanding. I was fortunate enough to hear and then apply the concepts and practices taught in the program in order to improve my leadership skills. The scientific approach and analysis of the problems we all come across daily helped me to think differently and also to increase the performance of the various departments of my company. The mixture of teaching methods, the exceptional organization and the enthusiasm of the staff made the attendance of this program a pleasant intermission in the anxious and pressing demands of our work. The level of teachings intrigued me to delve into topics that I’ve never thought before in my scientific and professional career
Daniel Benardout
Managing Director of SIDMA SA, (Graduate 2001)
I am among the privileged who have attended the Executive MBA program of AUEB in the mid 2000’s. Undoubtedly, all MBAs add on to the professional array of their graduates, but for me completing this particular program has dramatically changed my personal viewpoint. Maybe it was the chemistry between teachers and students that generated thought provoking reactions, or the ideal mix of skills and experiences of carefully selected participants. Definitely the perfect class size and the modules themselves challenged the participants and also the captivating personalities of the teachers who encouraged true exchange of ideas during the lectures. All the above led to the building of a strong team, whose members are bound with strong bonds and experiences
Thanasis Petmezas
General Manager, cosmoOne Hellas Marketsite S.A., (Graduate 2004)
 Applying to the particular MBA program has been one of the most important decisions I’ ve made, given that what you do as a grown up professional in a high-ranking position is usually the result of thorough thinking and specific expectations. If you add to this, personal issues, like being a mother of toddlers for example, the decision becomes even harder. It was clear to me that I had to search and evaluate the best master program that would offer national and international accreditation, the best teaching staff, and would equip mw with the skills to thrive in my professional life. After some time searching and asking around, all roads led to the Executive MBA of AUEB. I applied and after a while they called me for an interview with Professor Bourantas, exactly the day that I started reading his first book. To be honest, I left the interview feeling disappointed believing that it was really hard to live up to the program’s expectations. Fortunately, in October I got the acceptance call and there I was attending a lecture in Economics and doing the orientation courses. What followed was a period full of new experiences and knowledge, learning opportunities, reflection, and creativity. Working in the pharmaceutical industry, I watched myself improving dramatically day by day both in strategic thinking and in the understanding of the dimensions of entrepreneurship. According to me, the program structure is remarkable and competes on equal terms with international esteemed MBAs. Teachers were excellent not only for their academic proficiency but also because of the business expertise. I also valued particularly the innovative teaching methods, that I did not have the chance to be acquainted in the past as a medical student. Another point that I would like to make is that the program manages to unite academic research and everyday business needs using innovative and contemporary tools of project management. Finally, I’ d like to say that upon the completion of the program, as graduates now, we have changed the way we work, reflected on our roles and started to develop critical thinking both inside and outside our businesses. We opened up to new job opportunities, took on leadership responsibilities using the tools of systemic approach to Leadership, one of the core elements of the program
Ioanna Tsiaousi
Md, MBA Gynecologist-Obstetrician, Medical Manager, (Graduate 2010)
I consider the Executive MBA to be a lifetime experience, as it has enable me to meet, collaborate, interact and get acquainted with highly -esteemed professors and exceptional fellow students. Being one of the youngest in my year, I tried to make the most not only of the teachings but also of the time before and after classes, when I discussed and asked opinions, experiences and views from people recognized in their sector
Minou Marios
Polembros shipping, (Graduate 2018)
In the beginning, I had expectations but also worries. Now, I feel that I’ve made the best decision. As far as the educational aspect concerns, I refreshed my academic knowledge, I learned the new trends in management, I collaborated in a simulation game and interacted with great professors. Professionally, I now think more strategically and holistically, I am better at managing my time, and overall I feel more productive and efficient. It also helped with my career and to become role model for the people around me. Finally, interpersonally I got to know and work together with remarkable people, thus expanding my knowledge and social circle
Grigoris Dimakis
Evropaiki Pisti, (Graduate 2018)
The Executive MBA program incited me to see my job in a more holistic and productive way, my business as part of a big picture and finally myself integrated in an international competitive environment. I learned a lot from cooperating with people of different working/age/academic backgrounds.
Stylianopoulos Christos
Lilly SA, (Graduate 2018)
The Executive MBA program is a life-time experience; apart from the invaluable information provided, it transformed my way of thinking. Personally, it helped me to understand my personal values and rank them hierarchically, prioritize more effectively depending on the urgency and significance of the rising matters and to focus my energy. It also helped me with goal setting and picking measurable goals that I can achieve step by step. On top of that, I met interesting people, both staff and classmates, and had lots of fun
Tsinidis Christos
Insurance Evropaiki Pisti, (Graduate 2018)
The MBA program has been a new and amazing experience for me. Working closely with people from different working backgrounds and job positions deepened my understanding of their concerns and worries. Additionally, studying the various courses presented in the program has widened my horizons and changed my way of thinking, while at same time opened my eyes to new opportunities. It has been an amazing experience which I am sure I will forever look back on as one of the best decisions I have made both personally and professionally.
Tsiouflias Vasilis
Marine Navy, (Graduate 2018)
My participation at the Execitive MBA was a great experience for me. Its rich educational program, both theoretical and practical with knowledge of tools and case studies, the personalities and the solid background of the teachers, the integrated approach of a multidisiplinary task, as well as the wonderful colleagues, were for me a really pleasant and constructive experience.
Mitropoulos Sarandis
Associate Professor, Ionian University, (Graduate 2007)
My participation in the executive MBA has been crucial to my professional career. Although I possessed a PhD in Chemical Engineering, from one of the top universities in the world, Tokyo Institute of Technology, I soon realized that I was lacking in business knowledge. Without it "I could not fly"! The executive MBA provided me with the necessary knowledge and skills I needed as an Engineer to survive and evolve in a highly competitive business environment. I gained an integrated knowledge and view of all functions and departments of a company, and I was able to speak the same language with all the executives, regardless the department, Accounting, Marketing or Sales. The benefits of the Program were many and the recognition immediate! While I was still a student, instead of a hypothetical project, I designed my company’s Cash Flow, which was used by our Accounting Office for many years, until they switched to an ERP. As part of the Marketing course, I prepared a Business Plan for Value-Added Telephone Services. Applying the basic principles of Management and Strategy, I proposed a new flexible and much more efficient Organizational Structure for my company, which is applied to date. At the same time, I designed our company's Strategy for listing in Athens Stock Exchange, and much more! The level of teaching was extremely high! I had the opportunity to meet excellent professors, with valuable market experience, who managed to charm us and pass on their enthusiasm and knowledge. Equally important was the experience of social networking with other classmates and experienced market executives, through work groups, and especially the Business Game, with most of whom I still maintain very good relationships and we often exchange views and experiences. The executive MBA is a life-time experience! I strongly recommend it! Especially, the combination of Engineering with MBA is killer!
Dr. Kyriakos Mahos
Director of Safety Management, Levante Ferries MC - Director of Innovation, Newsphone Hellas SA, (Graduate 2000)

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