The Postgraduate Program of Business Administration for Executives requires an undergraduate degree and significant work experience. It is addressed to applicants who aspire to enhance their academic background along with their professional, management and leadership skills. The program leads to the acquisition of an Executive Master in Business Administration, accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education.

What distinguishes us is our philosophy:

  • Special emphasis on developing our students’ leadership and strategic skills
  • Employment of up-to-dated educational methods, such as business strategy game, case studies, multimedia, group and individual assignments, self-reflection exercises, role-playing, video films, lectures from executives and entrepreneurs, thorough review of academic literature and so on
  • A special feature of the program is the participation in the most widely accepted business strategy game. It is part of the strategy course and is a unique learning experience.
  • Emphasis on the development of an interdisciplinary approach in learning and teaching skills that enables graduates quick adaptability and flexibility in the modern business environment.
  • The right balance between academic knowledge and practical teachings
  • The opportunity offered to students to unite their studies to the professional needs of their career and the organization they work at.
  • Offering a large number of elective courses helps the students to select those that serve their own unique personal needs and ambitions.
  • Following the global advances in science and practice of Business administration field and adapting them to Greek business environment.
  • Making use of the expertise and rich educational tradition of the most prestigious European and American Business schools, such as London Business School, Manchester Business School, Warwick Business School, London School of Economics, Wharton, Columbia, Harvard from which a great percentage of our staff has graduated.
  • Utilization of IT and distance learning platforms for specific courses.
  • Ensuring high-quality studies through a continuous evaluation of the program and its lecturers.

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